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9 Sites Like DHgate: An Overview of the Best DHgate Alternatives

Since 2005, when it was founded by Diane Wang, DHgate has offered its valuable services to give direct access to wholesale China products for consumers and businesses worldwide. Because of the advantages offered by this platform such as no shipping charges, competitive pricing, no membership fee, millions of products, and many more, this platform has established itself as one of the leading eCommerce platforms. 

Currently, there are one million active sellers who are using this platform. Still, there are plenty of individuals who either do not rely on this platform or just want to choose an additional supplier to get some extra benefits. For individuals looking for the best sites like DHgate, we have written this article compiling some of the top-notch alternate options. So, let’s start. 

What Are the Benefits of Importing Products From China?

As a result of the efforts of giants such as Alibaba, AliExpress, and DHgate, etc China has actually risen to become a world leader in the manufacturing sector. Because of this and other variables such as low-cost labour and abundant resources, there are numerous advantages to partnering with Chinese sellers or vendors over other competitors. We have listed below all prominent benefits of importing products from China.  

  1. Because of the low labour costs and use of the latest technology tools, Chinese products are less pricey. 
  2. A significant amount of unique and rare goods are being produced in China. 
  3. Chinese products are guaranteed to be more durable and long-lasting. 
  4. The Quality of Chinese products is way much better than competitive countries, still they are very affordable. 
  5. Preparing goods in bulk quantities while maintaining top-notch quality is not a problem. 
  6. The profit margin is usually very high since costs are way too low. 
  7. Because of having higher quality products at lower rates, you have a better chance of growing your online business. 

Why Should You Look For Other Sites Like DHgate?

DHgate is definitely one of the leading Business 2 business Chinese platforms that have its fair share of pros. However, there are plenty of best sites like DHgate that offer better services, competitive pricing, a greater number of products, plenty of discounts & coupons, and much more. No doubt, exploring some more options can put you in a better place. Below we have further mentioned why you should look for other sites like DHgate. 

✔ You may find better pricing options on other platforms. 
✔ Other sites might be offering more suitable pricing methods. 
✔ You can also expect to get better benefits like promotions, discounts, & campaigns. 
✔ Other sites might be offering better terms & conditions. 
✔ You may find more diverse and better shipping options. 
✔ You may also find more diverse products in competitive pricing. 

Top 9 Best Sites Like DHgate – Best DHgate Alternatives 2021

In this section, we have briefly discussed the 9 best sites like DHgate which you can consider to boost your business. A quick comparison among these sites will help you in making a wise decision. 

1. Alibaba

Sites Like DHgate 1:

Officially launched in 2010, Alibaba has become now one of the largest business 2 business online platforms. Currently, it has the most diverse and largest collection of manufacturers and buyers. In the ongoing financial year, this platform has already earned 109 Billion US dollars

Alibaba offers many exciting features like diverse & convenient payment options, free shipping for certain products, competitive pricing,  a verification program to verify suppliers, a trade assurance system, 24/7 support, and more. Furthermore, this website tends to establish an easy connection between buyers and sellers. That’s why, for the most part, Alibaba is considered the most preferred platform. 

2. Aliexpress

Sites Like DHgate 2:

AliExpress is basically a business to consumer website that is being owned by Alibaba. This platform definitely ranks first when looking for sites like DHgate and Alibaba. Although the price per atom in this platform is high as compared to Alibaba, it compensates by offering no minimum order quantities. One can even buy a single product which is pretty great for the new buyers. 

There are 200,000+ direct manufacturers and 100M+ products listed for sale at a very affordable cost on this platform. It can deliver goods in more than two hundred plus countries and regions via different convenient shipping options. Another positive factor is that there is no shipping fee.

3. ChinaBrands

Sites Like DHgate 3 :

Chinabrands is one of your best options if you are looking for sites like DHgate that accept Paypal. Founded in 2007, this company is also supplying goods in more than two hundred plus regions and countries. It features limited payment options, however, all of them are reliable and secure. 

Chinabrands offers easy to understand and reliable buyer-seller experience. It is mainly focused on selling its products to small to medium businesses. It offers various great services for customers like global warehousing, fast delivery over international borders, efficient customer support, multi language assistance, and many more. 

4. ChinaVasion

Sites Like DHgate 4 :

Chinavasion serves both business to business and business to consumer customers. Electronics is the main niche of this platform. So, if you are interested in the products of this niche, this platform can offer a lot. Being supported by premium supply chains puts this site at great advantage to keep prices more affordable. 

Chinavasion takes some great measures to ensure great quality of shipped products by taking all necessary measures such as after-sales feedback monitoring, proper testing, arrival inspection, and taking supplier review. It supports different payment methods while offering convenient and fast delivery. 

5. LightinTheBox

Sites Like DHgate 5:

Lightinthebox is one of the best sites similar to the DHgate but it is mainly focused on offering unique fashion products and accessories. It first started offering its services in 2007. This platform is capable of predicting the next market trends while utilizing an innovative data-driven model. 

Navigating different pages of this website is quite easy. Furthermore, enough details of every product are being given to make things more interesting for the potential buyers. Because of offering several discounts and coupons, their services are generally being appreciated a lot. The only downside is that their warehouses are only located in China. 

6. Banggood

Sites Like DHgate 6:

Established in 2006, Banggood has become one of the leading online platforms. It is currently providing cost effective and high quality products for 66 million+ registered users. One million products are listed for sales that are being divided in up to thirty categories. This platform is still doing a lot to improve its customer support. 

Banggood is currently working with over three thousand well-reputed brands. Until now, thirty seven global warehouses have been established. Because of the very well developed logistics systems, all orders are shipped timely and efficiently. Furthermore, this platform offers more than forty secure payment options. 

7. DealExtreme

Sites Like DHgate 7:

DealExtreme is a very special online platform for the “gadgets niche”. Developed in 2005, this platform is one of the top direct businesses to consumer e-commerce retailers of China. Currently, it has over 3000 suppliers and over one million customers. It is one of the most diverse platforms. 

What makes DealExtreme pretty significant in this business is its wide catalogue that contains over 1000 categories, existing 210,000 items, and 1000 new daily additions. This platform offers the best warranty as compared to its competitors. It does so by giving 5 day dead on arrival warranty, 90 day free defective replacement warranty, and a 150 day repair warranty. 

8. GearBest

Sites Like DHgate 8:

GearBest is one of the rapidly growing e-commerce platforms that offers best quality products from its own and several online sellers. Basically, this platform specializes in men’s fashion, gadgets, and electronics. The catalogue of this platform is expanding at a very significant rate. 

Currently, the free shipping option is only available for certain countries. This option might be expanded for other countries too later. One of the noteworthy features of this platform is that it gives a 45 days no-questions-asked money back guarantee. They tend to offer one of the most exceptional customer care experiences. 

9. MadeinChina

Sites Like DHgate 9: Made-in-China

Founded in 1995, MadeinChina has now become a top leading platform that maps a ton of business opportunities for overseas buyers and Chinese sellers. The matter of fact is that it has become one of the most reliable and extensive web addresses for international trading. This platform offers its services in eleven languages.

The catalogue of this platform is also very diverse as its products are divided in 3600 plus goods, over 6 million registered supplier members, and 120 million plus buyers. This platform has introduced different methods for sourcing products. It tends to make trading more convenient and easier. 


DHgate is one of the largest online wholesale marketplaces for buyers and sellers because of the significant perks it offers. Many individuals tend to find most suitable sites like DHgate for many possible reasons like exploring new options. To fulfil the needs of such individuals, we have mentioned some of the best alternatives of DHgate.

We hope these reviews provide helpful insight into other sites like dhgate alternatives because no matter what industry you’re in or who you’re selling to; sourcing directly from Chinese manufacturers offer some serious advantages.

Our company, S Sourcing, tries to ensure that you are getting better deals from all of these wholesale/dropshipping suppliers.  We ensure that you are getting desired products from trusted suppliers at economical pricing. So, contact us to get more details. Let us help you.

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