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S sourcing is located in Guangzhou China, the heart of the global trade, thus we developed an expert agent team providing online sellers/startup brands & importers with full sourcing services in a wide range of categories, especially for the fashion items.

S Sourcing has hundreds of suppliers and some more potential factories to fulfill your OEM & ODM product needs. All products we sourced are world-class quality at a competitive price.

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Pajamas & Loungewear

Many happy families know how to create a home culture and love atmosphere. They will decorate their house, use different colors, select suitable furniture to achieve their own ideal effect. As the people living in the “home”, the same requirements on clothing can be integrated or emphasize this kind of culture and atmosphere, and fashion design, chic, personalized loungewear can meet the needs of urbanites. So the comfortable pajamas not only become the new trend of urbanite interest life, more become a kind of fashion healthy life dress way.

In terms of style, there are basically three types of pajamas: suspenders, split poses, and jumpsuits.

Now, please join us to find your pajamas!

Family Pajamas

Holiday Hot Air Balloon Print Flannel Matching Family Pajamas