Export Agent

Several manufacturers in China have made deals with merchants in different parts of the world. They provide cost-effective products of very high quality. But, complicated business practices and language barriers make the overall process highly time-consuming. That is why an export agent can be highly advantageous in this situation.  We have a team of export agents to help several manufacturers and vendors to ship goods to the USA and several other countries.

Export documentation

What are the products delivered from China

As you like to engage in international sales, you may hire our exportagents. We will help you in arranging the documents needed for the transportation of goods to the foreign buyer. You especially need the Bill of Lading, the Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Manufacturer, Commercial Invoice, Inspection Certificate, Insurance Certificate, and Packing list.

Exports of some goods moving between water bodies may be costly and risky. That is why documents are essential while transporting your products to other countries. 

Arrange shipment

Managing the export logistics may not be easy. You may choose any option, like FBA shipping, rail freight, and airfreight. Our agents will take care of your LCL and FCL shipments. Your goods will reach abroad safely. However, we need to ensure that your products have undergone a quality inspection. Based on the weight and size of your products and your budget, we will arrange the shipment.

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Payment and follow-up orders

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The importers can be from the USA and any other country. However, some Chinese manufacturers do not US dollars during the payment.  The agent needs to pay the vendor in RMB. Another thing to consider is the acceptable standards. There may be cultural differences between your country and China. Our agents will check the production standards while ensuring on-time delivery.

Supply Chain Management

Managing the international supply chain is not easy, as it needs a systematic approach. You need knowledge about the way how the chain works. It will provide the best customer service. Supply chain management includes everything related to storage, transportation, inventory control, sourcing, and shipping schedules. Our export agent in China has a big network of different companies to manage the chain.

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Industries with which we work

Clothing export from China

Several manufacturers in China sell yoga pants and other types of apparel to importers in the USA and other countries. We will arrange the shipment of your garments and make your international trade successful. 

Bagsexport from China

Manufacture high-quality bags and sell them at a lucrative price in the international market. We will make your deal profitable with our price negotiation skills. We help both exporters and importers.

Footwear export from China

You can sell both women’s and men’s footwear to another country. We will arrange documentation and find the best importer for you. You will get a long-term profit from it.

Jewelry export from China

You can ship both precious and cheap ornaments to merchants in other countries. Several jewelry manufacturers have found big business opportunities in international sale. Thus, you may also engage yourself in this trade for profit.


Export agents work like distributers, as they are middlemen. But, the responsibilities and tasks of the agent are less compared to that of the distributor. Agents have no liabilities to buy items. They provide some services.

For instance, ABC is an export agent working in a company in China. He finds that an international company manufactures premium-quality bags, and A PQR department store has an interest in buying these bags for customers. In this case, ABC will work as the middleman between the seller and the buyer.

Our export agents in China establish a connection between foreign and local companies. However, their responsibilities may vary based on the industry and field. In some cases, the agents also need to do market research for a sales pitch in the foreign and local companies.


Moreover, agents do not deal with ownership of products. The exporter needs to control it. Thus, the agent will deal with the marketing of the export firm.

Export agents can travel abroad, engage in research works, and instruct the exporter about the way of adapting marketing strategies. Moreover, they interact with importers and negotiate deals. They manage promotional activities, documentation, and logistics. Thus, the agent will reduce the effort and save the time of the exporters. However, he will get paid for the marketing activities. Some organizations engage agents for different tasks, likemarketing research and export administration management. Local companies find it easy to enter the Chinese export market with the help of the agent.

Based on the overall networking, products, your destination, and the type of freight, the time can vary. For instance, airfreight from China to the USA can cover 5 to 10 days. On the contrary, sea freight can cover 30 to 40 days.

When a company purchases products from a different country to resell them in domestic sectors, it is the import process.

On the contrary, while the manufacturing companies and vendors provide goods to the merchants in other countries, it refers to export.

The process of import begins with trade enquiries. The enquiries may be about the number of firms and countries exporting the products. In the case of export, the buyers make an enquiry to different firms for quotations. They like to know the quality, quantity, and price of the products.

As you are engaged in the export business, you can hirean export agent to manage the transportation of your items. Businesses from any industry can rely on the agent to make an agreement. Agents will find the vendorsbased on the clients’ needs.

While transporting products, procedures and documentation are highly important. The documents needed for the process may vary with products. However, they include 

  • The Bill of Lading
  • Packing List
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Sales contract
  • A certificate of origin
  • Insurance policy
  • Customs declaration

Other documents essential for it are-

  • Import quota certificate
  • Import license (in some cases)
  • Quality license

Direct exporting indicates the sale of merchandise abroad, and there is no involvement of middlemen. The firm manages the sale of its products overseas and directly deals with foreign companies. Moreover, it will engage in direct exporting using one of the modes-

  • By creating a unique corporate export provision.
  • By hiring a foreign sales representative
  • By choosing foreign retailers and distributors
  • Through foreign sales branches.

Another option is the in-direct exporting process, in which the middlemen play an important role. Sales intermediaries and middlemen send the goods to other countries. Some common intermediaries are

  • Commission agents
  • Export agents
  • Purchasing agents
  • Export management agencies
  • Cooperative firms

In-direct exporting is of two types-

Occasional exporting is an act when the organization does not engage in regular exports. On the contrary, active exporting is the activity where the company is committed to growing its exports to a market.

How do export agents benefit vendors and manufacturers?

Manufacturers and vendors in China will get a range of benefits from engaging export agents.

  • Asexport agents have capabilities of promoting the ordered items, they will help in saving the promotional costs.
  • Export agents establish a connectionbetween manufacturers and potential buyersin and outside China.
  • These professional agents can deal with documentation and logistics. Theyrelieve suppliers from an additional effort.
  • By having direct communication with clients, the agents reach out to several manufacturers. It will reduce errors and delays.
  • Our agents also engage in price negotiation. Manufacturers can try to sell products at a higher price rate.
  • They provide useful information to manufacturers and give feedback.
  • The agents can provide samples to clients to ensure that manufacturers have not wasted time by manufacturing default products.
  • Some agentshelp with third-party inspections. The quality inspections process will be beneficial to manufacturers and vendors.

How will your brand get benefit fromChina Export Agents?

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You can drive the growth of your brand by hiring the best export agents. You can transport your goods to different markets at a time. For instance, you may also reach the foreign market by hiring agents. The professional and dedicated agents will scale up your business. Your business will earn higher profits with minimal investments in hiring the agent. Exporting is a complicated process, and thus, you can leave it better to agents.

Can I avoid risks by hiring an export agent in China?

A professional and highly qualified export agent will help you in different ways. However, while hiring him, you have to ensure that he has no intention of taking bribes. Moreover, he has to be ethically compliant. You may also train your employees to keep away from integrity problems. Another important trick for you is not to hire a particular agent several times to prevent him from getting familiar with the manufacturer. You can audit the agent and confirm his behavior/conduct. 

Shipping Agent

How much do you need to hire an export agent in China?

We cannot give you a definite estimate about hiring china export agents. We need to calculate the cost based on the product type, order quantity, corporation methods, and service scope. You can claim free trials of the products. Still, you will get a high value from engaging export agents.

The amount earned by the agent is based on the product price rates. He promotes the communication of clients with vendors. One of the major goals of the agent is to make the price more competitive. The percentage of the product value also makes a difference in the cost. The agent will charge a percentage of the total order.

On average, the service charge for agents can be about 5 to 10% of the order value. The order size and product category will affect the service fee.Some export agents like to accept bulk orders. Every agent gets paid at the end of a project.

How do the export agents engage themselves in the process?

Our agents play a range of roles when you need to export products from China to different countries. Their major task is to arrange some documents to make the international transport successful. The agents take care of logistics and documents to streamline the export activities. Moreover, they will help you to connect to foreign merchants and companies. Thus, they accomplish both the processes- import and export.

You may also rely on our agents to identify the level of insurance needed for your shipment. The agents will track the shipment’s location throughout the exporting process. Based on the tariff coding system, they can categorize their shipment. To manage the overall export administration, you can hire our agents.

How do yourexport agents provide value to importers?

By hiring our agents, they can lower the operational costs of their import process. These agents will manage complications related to this process. They enable importers to connect to reliable manufactures and import quality goods from China.

Startups with a low amount of working capital can find cost-effective goods in the China market. It is more affordable to hire an agent than to deal with a distributor. Agents get payment on a commission basis and manage a higher volume of sales.

What type of goods can I import from China?

The best market from where you can import products is China. Due to the increasing trends of importing products, China has started transporting several types of items to different countries.

You can choose Chinese vendors to import any product, like clothing, glasses, electronics, bags, plastic items, pharmaceuticals.

How do export agents differ from distributors?

You like to hire someone who will sell products on your behalf. There are different options for it. You may choose between agents and distributors. 

The number of roles of agents is less compared to that of distributors. Distributors are low-risk options for growing your business into a different market. Similarly, agents also help you to transport products to another country.

The agent earns commission from the orders received. On the contrary, distributors calculate their profit margins based on the product prices. The role of the agent is to make a deal between the vendor and the importer. However, the distributor is not authorized to do it. But, the agent negotiates the contract in favor of the third party.

Distributors take the role of ownership for goods. On the contrary, agents cannot do it, and they represent the vendors in the overseas market. Distributors buy products while reselling them to retailers and merchants.

Is there any risk of hiring an export agent in China?

We have a team of reliable and professional export agents to work for you. However, fraud agents will not help you in buying quality products from China. Some agents do not have proficiency in English, and thus, there may be a language barrier. It will result in inaccuracy in product details. Agents who cannot communicate in English may not be able to negotiate the product price rates.

Ethics are one of the major factors while choosing export agents. These agents must maintain ethical standards while dealing with clients.

Another risk is the potential for defective goods. As agents need the overall export process,there may be some defective products.

Is there any risk of hiring an export agent in China?

The best export agent will strive hard to market your business and your products. However, one important thing to note is that he has no control over your goods. Thus, there are several factors making a difference in the overall time taken by the agent to market your business. The most common factors are-

  • The duration of the project-
  • The nature of your product
  • The order quantity

You can directly consult with your agents to know how much time they will take for your business promotion.

How can I get the optimal value from hiring the export agent?

Before choosing the agent for transporting goods to a different country, you have to ensure that he is a trusted professional. The agent will work as your representative while selling your goods in the market. You may engage the agent in two ways.

When you have hired the agent on an exclusive, he will become the sole entity to sell your products in the target market.  Thus, he will stay committed to serving you. He will become familiar with your business ethics. It is one of the best ways of taking advantage of hiring an agent. Moreover, you may engage the agent on a non-exclusive basis. You can hire representatives at a time. However, your agent may not always be dedicated to selling your goods in this way for a long period.