Factory Audits

Do you like to check the quality, production capacity, and reliability of your vendors in China? Then, our factory audit service can be the perfect option. Some suppliers cannot deliver products as promised. That is why our factory audit services will be highly valuable to you.

We maintain transparency

Our highly dedicated factory audits will present you with a comprehensive assessment of the weaknesses, strengths, and conditions of your supplier. Moreover, this audit service is beneficial to the factory owners, as they will understand how they have to refine their manufacturing processes based on their buyer’s needs. While looking for new vendors for import purposes, you can choose the right ones. Our factor audit services will help you to get the best value from your money.

We maintain transparency Ssourcing

Qualified auditors


Our professional auditors have undergone training, and thus, they can apply the best auditing techniques to assess the manufacturing facilities. We prefer quality practices and maintain ethics and integrity in the process. We write an accurate report based on our audit. We update our skills and keep pace with the current industry standards.

Best Practices

We have worked with companies of different countries and learned the way of implementing the best-in-class factory audit process. Our unique evaluation procedure enables us to save time. We provide you with cost-effective factor audit solutions.

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Maintain high integrity

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We have earned a reputation for maintaining strict ethical standards. Our integrity compliance team educates our auditors and reduces the risk of corruption. Contact us to learn more about our integrity policies.

Industries we serve with our factory audit services

We can audit apparel manufacturing factory audit to ensure that your chosen vendor has implemented quality systems. We take the sample of the finished goods and analyze them thoroughly. You will get quality clothing materials due to our systematic audit.

Due to manufacturing issues, bags may have problems like weak tear resistance, molds, wrinkle marks, and color transfer. During the audit process, we will check these potential problems to help you in important the best quality bags.

From audio-visual products to smartphones, different products can be audited by our professionals. We check the quality, safety, functions, and other technical details of the product manufacturing units

We can audit footwear manufacturing units to check every part of the shoes. From environmental audits to social compliance audits, we include everything in the process. You can invest in consistent and quality footwear from manufacturers in China.  


A factory audit process is different from quality control. We do not analyze product quality during the audit. The audit process takes place prior to placing the order to purchase goods from the factory. Thus, it does not include products to be inspected. Factor inspections may not always include an analysis of environmental practices and social compliance. Our focus is mostly on production capabilities and quality management processes. There are several other factory audits, which comprise some details on working conditions and environmental standards.

Yes. You may decide on visiting the factory on China. In some cases, your visit is necessary. Still, you can leave the task to our professionals, as we have learned the strict protocols. Our clients have claimed that they have visited different factories in China. However, it was not easy for them to score vendors precisely.

You can visit the factory to-

  • Confirm product details like materials and colors
  • Confirm the terms of your order
  • Negotiate the price rates

To ensure strict evaluation of factories, you can hire our professionals.

After a successful factory audit, our auditors will share their opinions in a report. The audit opinions can be of different types.

  • Clean report- Qualified opinion- it refers to the type of opinion which indicates high satisfaction of the auditor about the quality systems of the factor.

There are no adverse comments in the clean report.

  • Unqualified opinion- In some cases, the auditor is not confident about the transactions and processes implemented by the manufacturer. When the vendors cannot show records with GAAP, it results in unqualified opinions.
  • Disclaimer opinion– When the auditor has given a disclaimer opinion, it indicates that he avoids giving opinions about financial statements. When the auditor has noticed limitations for a detailed audit, he gives disclaimer opinions.
  • Adverse opinion– While the audit is not pleased with financial statements, it denotes the chance of fraudulence. You can avoid buying goods from the concerned company in China. 

Generally Accepted Auditing Standards are about the systematic guidelines that auditors follow during the audit process. GAAS works as the major basis to measure audit quality. GAAS is highly important, as it-

  • Ensures a high level of accuracy
  • Creates a consistency basis
  • Verifies auditor’s activities and reports

Some GAAS requirements are-

  • The auditor needs to have good technical knowledge and training to accomplish the audit process.
  • He has to collect the company’s information and understand it to conduct an audit process.
  • The auditor needs to have the right audit evidence that proves the performance of audit processes.
  • When there are problems with principles, the auditor has to mention the circumstances clearly in the final report.
  • The report presented by the auditor should focus on different scenarios where the informative disclosure is not sufficient.

What are the different types of factory audit processes?

Factory audits can be of different types

Manufacturing audit

The factory audit helps in establishing the fact suppliers have conformed to the industry rules and standards. Disruptions in the process can incur the cost. During the production process, any problem can cause cost interferences. Our audit process will benefit you in a range of ways.

  • It assures that the manufacturing units of suppliers can meet your product demands.
  • We ensure proper alignment between your business’s policies and supplier policies. It can result in better outcomes.
  • We are capable of controlling and identifying potential risks in terms of ethics and quality.
  • We will affirm the competency of the management process of the factory.

Ethical audit

It is another type of factory audit process to review social accountability continuously. Companies are always under pressure to be socially responsible. We check that the factory maintains the right working conditions for its personnel. The ethical audit process will benefit you in different ways.

  • Ensures proper working conditions and fair prices
  • Helps in detecting compliance needs and statutory requirements.
  • Prevents unauthorized subcontracting with our ethical audit
  • Develop cooperative affiliation with suppliers
  • Ensure a better image of the company and higher customer loyalty.
  • Grants ethical compliance.

Environmental Audit

It is another audit helping in the evaluation of compliance based on local laws and regulations. We will check the environmental effect on your supply chain and refine it continuously. Our environmental audit will be valuable to you in several ways.

  • We make sure that the factory in China has conformed to international principles and regulatory compliance.
  • With our environmental audit, we will enable the factory to refine environmental performance.
  • Combine lab tests and audit reports to identify the environmental impacts due to the manufacturing process.
  • The concerned Chinese factor will conform to local and international rules to protect the environment.

Structural audit

We conduct this audit to review the integrity and safety of your Chinese supplier’s premises. Moreover, we can check codes, fire safety measures, structural integrity, and relevant conditions.

  • Make the working conditions safer.
  • Prevent risk to the employees’ health
  • Maintenance of brand image and reputation
  • Prevention of any interruption with the supply chain.

How does factory audit differ from quality inspection?

During the factory audit, our auditors will evaluate internal quality processes implemented by suppliers and vendors. We also assess their production capabilities. There is nothing related to product inspection.

On the contrary, quality inspection is not about evaluating the factory. However, it will focus on product quality.

How does factory audit differ from quality inspection
  • Factory audits deal with the activities to be done, whereas inspections should be about the reason why your company has to do it.
  • While inspection professionals focus on implementing an action, the factory audit refers to a process.
  • Factory audit solutions are qualitative, and they deal with different issues. On the contrary, inspections analyze something quantitative.
  • Our factory auditors go through a complicated process. But, the process of inspections is comparatively easy.
  • Professionals engaged in the factory audit process recommend something that needs review. In the case of inspections, there are straightforward steps.

Both these types of factory audits are complementary to each other. The combination of these processes will result in effective governance. The third-party factory audit is different from the internal audit. The internal auditors will analyze the organization’s performance.

On the contrary, third-party auditors focus on finances and compliance controls. They also evaluate the potential of risks while measuring the strategy performance.

Internal factory audit is about the assessment of organizational health. It relates to the practices for better strategic goals and reduced risks.

During the third-party audit, professional auditors will focus on how the business account accurately presents its financial performance.

A factory employs internal auditors for an ongoing internal audit process. It enables the factory to find different management solutions and reduce risks. However, third-party factory audits can take place once a year.

The senior management department, audience committee, and board of directors are the major audience of the internal factory audit process. But, in case of a third-party audit, investors, shareholders, regulators, customers, and company members.

Corporate corruption is now one of the common issues, and companies have to pay attention to the implementation of different policies for corporate social responsibility.

Companies have to create a checklist to make sure that they have followed the right business etiquette. The properly implemented social responsibilities include-

  • Strategic goals and vision statements of organizations.
  • Oversight and accountability- A company has to consider destructive behaviors.
  • Risk identification- With our audit, a company can identify the risk level and find the step to control it.

Our factory audit process is intended to assess your suppliers in China. Before importing products from China, you can hire us for factory audit services. The major elements related to the factory audit process are-

  • Quality control– The process ensures that the quality of the chosen products is high and the manufacturer has implemented QMS.
  • Productivity– We check the suppliers’ capabilities of delivering products on time. We can ascertain it with the evaluation of the production process, workflows, machines, and manufacturing equipment.
  • Regulatory compliance– It ensures compliance of the supplier with the business needs. There is a need for documentation to prevent risks to the company.

Our auditors are highly dedicated and perform their tasks properly

  • An audit report provision- We provide an audit report reflecting a highly accurate image of business activities and financial statements of the company. When we find that the company in China has violated rules, we inform it instantly.
  • Give opinion– Factory auditors have to give an opinion on the maintenance of a fair process while presenting the factory statement and other relevant information. Our auditor will gather evidence and find reasonable assurance that no misstatement is present in the account.

Our qualified auditors always follow these principles while auditing a factory.

  • Proper planning– Our auditors always stay organized to accomplish their tasks on time and maintain the best quality.
  • Secrecy– We take the best steps to maintain the privacy of information collected with our auditing process. Without the written consent from the client, we do not share the data with any third party.
  • Honesty– Our auditors will audit the factory impartially and perform every task professionally.
  • Audit proof– We always implement substantive and compliance processes to collect evidence about the audit.
  • Skills and proficiency– We have trained auditors to conduct factory audits. They continuously update their knowledge about legal rules and auditing.
  • Internal control system– There must be a proper control system based on the type and duration of the audit conducted.
  • Legal framework– One of the major principles of a factory audit is to abide by the legal framework.
  • Skills and proficiency– We have trained auditors to conduct factory audits. They continuously update their knowledge about legal rules and auditing.
  • Internal control system– There must be a proper control system based on the type and duration of the audit conducted.
  • Legal framework– One of the major principles of a factory audit is to abide by the legal framework.
  • Official papers– Our professional auditors are capable of dealing with paperwork related to the audit process.

How does Ssourcing.com provide you with quality control audit services?

We know the value of maintaining compliance, efficiency, and quality of the supply chain. That is why we can provide comprehensive factory audit solutions. We implement the best factory audit system to reduce risks while delivering accurate details of your Chinese vendors. We like to make sure that you will import quality products at the right time.

Our professionalism and communication skills enable us to do on-site evaluations. We will let you know how your business partners will make your supply chain more valuable.

We start the process with due diligence of suppliers and vendors. It is the most important step to confirm-

  • Reliable production
  • Good Partnership
  • R&D
  • Consistent Supply chain

Our auditor will visit the factory to check the legality, reliability, and capabilities of different business operations in the facility. This process helps in rating the factory accurately. We will evaluate the factors based on our parameters. We will inspect the standard factory profile, including-

  • Trade credit
  • Legitimacy
  • Other essential information

We analyze the human resource function of the company and check the headcounts in different departments. Moreover, our team inspects the trade capacity of your chosen vendors. For instance, it includes market distribution, transportation, and products. We think that the most vital factor in every audit process is the product capabilities.

What are the different factory audit options offered by you?

Follow-up Audit

In this process, our auditors will evaluate the effectiveness, adequacy, and timeliness of different steps of the management department of the factory. Moreover, it ensures that manufacturers have rectified the issues with proper modifications.

System Audit

This audit process focuses on the management system of the factory. We will check the compliance of the vendor with different policies. Moreover, it comprises safety inspection, contract commitments, and conformity to environmental laws.

Process Audit

It evaluates sequential interactions and steps of a process intended to manufacture a product. It checks the business operation, production accuracy, and production condition of the factory.

Security Audit

Our IT security audit is about assessing the security practices (for both non-physical and physical products). We set PIP, C-TPAT, and other criteria for a security audit.