Production Management

Do you need detailed engineering of products imported from China? The functional design of every product can make a difference in the overall value. But, how will you manage the production process of the Chinese manufacturers? Hire our production management services. Our agents will work for you and help you in importing quality goods from China.

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Footwear production management

We can send our production management agents to the factory to ensure a flawless production process. Your shoe business will gain profit due to our cost and quality control.

Glasses production management

China has a big market for glasses. However, without production management, you cannot import the best quality glasses for different purposes.

Clothing production management

Clothing manufacture is one of the biggest industries in China.  Our agents will check the working conditions and other factors related to clothing production. Prosper your business by importing these clothes.


Define production management. What are the 5 M's of production management?

Also referred to as operations management, production management is about the way of controlling the industrial procedures to make sure that there is smooth operation at the factory.  The production management techniques are highly applicable in different manufacturing sectors. This responsibility is similar to other specialties, like financial and human resource management. During the manufacturing activities, the production management process includes:

By hiring our production management agent, you can ensure that your Chinese vendors have produced the best quality and quantity of goods at the right time and at a reasonable price.

We can summarize production management with 5 M’s.

Men indicate the human element related to the manufacturing process. As several manufacturing specialists get engaged in designing the physical goods, our production manager considers people management as one of the responsibilities.

Our production manager can decide on the methods and machines to be chosen by the company. He will select the technology and equipment that the company must use to manufacture the product. Moreover, he controls the processes and methods related to product manufacturing.

The production manager focuses on the capabilities of workers to stick to the schedule and versatility of the manufacturing process.

Another responsibility of the production manager is with materials. It includes both paperwork and raw materials. The data flow and resource movement will be smooth based on the choices of the process and product design.

Production managers are also concerned about asset utilization and financing for the manufacturing organization. They will help in building up inventories and achieving steady operations.

Why is production management advantageous?

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Production management is beneficial in different ways-

Reduce the production cost- Production management is highly important, as it enables the company to minimize the production cost. It checks the production activities while maintaining optimal efficiency throughout the process. The production management process reduces the use of inputs and decreases the outputs. That is why there will be a considerable price reduction.

Introduce new products easily

The right production management process plays a role in introducing innovative items to the market. Moreover, based on production management, the organization can conduct research and development. It will result in the production of quality items. These goods will get a high value in the market and please customers with higher quality. 

Make a company ready for competition

Production management is the major tool to tackle the competition in the relevant market. The company has to apply the technique to deliver quality products at a reasonable price. It will attract several customers within a short time.

Achieve the business goals

With production management, organizations can attain the desired goals. They will be able to manufacture products based on the customers’ needs. Thus, they will please customers effectively, and the firm will reach its sales targets.

Grow the business

Production management is advantageous for a company to grow its business over time. It is the best way to ensure higher quality products and reduce the cost. The profit margin will be higher, and there will be a better efficiency rate.

An optimum use of resources

It is essential for every organization to make the best use of available resources to get the highest returns. Proper production management helps in using the organizational resources at the best level. These resources include machinery, manpower, and material.

How do end-users of products get benefit from production management?

Comprehensive production management will result in a reduced cost per unit. Thus, consumers will find the products at the lowest price without any compromise over quality. They will get satisfactory standards of goods.

How will production management benefit suppliers?

Every organization relies on the supply of different raw materials, spare parts, and finished goods. The suppliers will find a good financial position while working with the company. Moreover, there will be a strong relationship between the organization and its suppliers.

How does factory audit differ from quality inspection

Which characteristics are common to every production system?

What are the products delivered from China

An organization has a production system to manufacture different products. It refers to the activity that ensures the flow of resources in a defined system. These resources get combined in a controlled way to provide the desired value. The best production management system has some characteristics.

How will you categorize the production system?

Production systems can be categorized in different ways.

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What is job-shop production?
Know the advantages and limitations -

Based on the customers’ needs and guidelines, manufacturers will design a few products within a limited time. One of the noticeable characteristics of this production system is the wide variety and low volume of products.

The job shop has different purpose machines organized in relevant departments. For every job, there is a need for technological details. Highly skilled operators are engaged in this job shop.

Moreover, you can find a big inventory of parts, materials, and tools. Comprehensive scheduling is important to sequence the product requirements.

Job shop production has some advantages-

  • Due to general-purpose facilities and systems, manufacturers can produce different products.
  • Operators will gain more skills and competency, as every job provides them with new learning opportunities.
  • Operators will work with high potential.


But, there are few limitations with job shop production.

  • The job shop production can cause an increase in cost for the frequent modification of the setup.
  • The inventory is at different levels, and thus, the inventory cost may be high.
  • You can find complicated production planning.
  • Manufacturers need a lot of space for this production.

What is batch production, and what are its limitations?

Batch production refers to the type of manufacturing where the primary job moves through different departments in batches. Different routing is important for every batch. The factory will manufacture only a few products on a regular basis. A batch production system is good when you need shorter production, and your machinery is adjustable. It is also desirable when the machinery setup is useful for producing an item in batches. You will get several advantages with batch production.

  • Machinery and plant will have a better utilization.
  • The process promotes functional specialization.
  • The lower cost per unit is another noticeable thing.
  • No need for high investment

Batch production has some limitations-

  • Complicated material handling and production control
  • The setup cost is higher.

What is mass production? Does it have limitations?

Mass production refers to the way of designing some discrete parts with a continuous process. It results in a bulk amount of productions. Moreover, the production machines remain properly arranged. There is a standardization of processes and products. The outputs have a particular path. advantageous in a number of ways

A few common characteristics of this mass production process are-

  • A higher volume of products
  • A shorter production cycle
  • Balanced lines of production
  • Automatic material handling
  • Production control becomes easy.
  • Parts, components, and flow of materials are consistent.

Mass production is

  • A higher production rate with a limited cycle time
  • Lower process inventory
  • Need for less skilled operators
  • Manufacturing cost is low for every unit

Mass production has a few demerits-

  • A problem with the machine may affect the total production line
  • The slow operation determines the cycle line
  • Production facilities need a higher investment
  • The line layout may need major medication based on the product design.
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What is continuous production, and what are its limitations?

In the case of continuous production, products will flow through the series of operations with material handling devices. Manufacturers use automated material handling, and the production rate is very high. But, one demerit is that there is very limited product differentiation.

What is the role of a production management agent?

A production management agent works as an intermediary between the product manufacturer and the firm. As you have outsourced the production management activities to our agents, we will manage them efficiently. Buyers cannot manage the manufacturing process of a product. Thus, we will do it on their behalf.

How will I identify the best production management agent?

The agent works consistently to motivate workers to ensure the smooth operation of the manufacturing process. Moreover, he must be able to manage time efficiently. Strong communication skills are essential to become a successful production management agent. The agent also ensures that everything is within your budget. With his skills and knowledge, he will help the production team to achieve his goals.

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Our production management professionals go through different steps to serve you.

  • Planning on production– We have a proficient team to make the right decision on the place and method of production.
  • Controlling the production process– We will focus on the quality control, floor, and cost for production.
  • Refining the production management– It is the final step for making the production process more efficient.

It is good to engage a production management agent for any type of goods. This process will help in maintaining the quality standards of your products. Production management services are vital for goods, like hardware parts, electronics, automobiles, medicines, and alcoholic items.

Reliability testing can be of different types, and one of them is life testing to evaluate the performance of the item. We also conduct regulatory testing to ensure that product has followed regulatory rules and standards. The cost for every type of test is different. However, you will get a valuable result from the test to make an informed decision.

Some issues that can turn up during production management are related to-

  • Quality
  • Output
  • Cost

Defects in the products indicate problems with quality. Similarly, output issues can result in long lead times, overstocking, understocking, and unreasonable scheduling.

The absence of proper processes to manage integrity breaches is one of the major reasons for which quality control is vulnerable to corruption. Inspectors have to be trained and are highly skilled in identifying bribery. Moreover, a code of ethics is important to establish the policy.

It is also significant to check the conduct of quality inspection agents. Another good trick is to rotate the quality control inspectors to prevent the development of an intimate relationship with the manufacturers and other factory staff.

Your first task is to consult with our production management team to deal with the inspection project. You have to focus on a number of factors-

  • The time and date for visiting the site
  • Products undergoing inspection
  • The estimate of the cost
  • Safety rules and certifications

As you like to import newly launched products in the market, it is essential to check the quality. The best way to do it is the inspection of the products.

  • Production Monitoring Reporting– It is the on-site production inspection process. You can choose it to identify the production problems early. You will get a detailed concept of the production method, subcontracting cases, and production quality. During this inspection, our professionals can check for product defects, functionality, and production guidelines.
  • Inspection During Production– This on-site production inspection enables you to learn about production quality. We can inspect components of both finished and semi-finished products. The factory workers may not be able to maintain consistency in the quality standards. Our professionals will identify visual defects, production-oriented issues, and packaging problems.
  • Final Random Inspection- During this inspection, we like to check how manufacturers have conformed to the production guidelines. It happens after accomplishing the production process, and products are ready for the final delivery.
  • Full Production Check- It involves both quantity and quality of the production batches. When any issue is found during this problem, it can be repaired instantly. The inspection process can cover 2 to 8 days.

The production management process can be complicated when you have several orders from a range of suppliers. Our production managers will need time to bring products to an organized place. Thus, there may be delays while moving the products to the centralized location.

Yes. There will be-

  • Interruptions with supply chain
  • lead times will be longer
  • An adverse effect on the quality
  • Cost issues and low efficiency
  • Management issues

How does product development differ from product management?

Product development refers to the way of developing a product with different steps from the concept to the final launch. However, production management is about creating and managing the product while bringing it to the market.

Can you confirm the legitimacy of the manufacturer in China?

We have the most knowledgeable and highly skilled production management agent in China. As we stay dedicated to serving you, we will visit the manufacturing facility to check the reliability of the manufacturer and vendor. Moreover, we have a big network of Chinese manufacturers. Thus, you can provide you with a list of the most trusted manufacturers in the country.

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