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China boasts a vast market of different products. Do you like to import products from China for the better growth of your business? By sourcing products from this country, you can find a potential for cost reduction. Still, it is important to identify the success factor to get the utmost value from your sourcing initiative. That is why our China purchasing agents can come to your help. We will benefit you in multiple ways.

Choosing reliable suppliers

Our China purchasing agents have been continuously engaged in business for several years. We know the way of co-coordinating with manufacturers supplying products to different retailers. Based on the products you sell, you may make a contract with manufacturers who are familiar with your business communication styles. However, our China purchasing agents can look for the best factories that manufacture products at a reasonable price. Therefore, you may rely on their manufacturing potentials and raise your profit level.

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Negotiate the price

Negotiate the price

We understand that it is intimidating to negotiate with different Chinese suppliers. Their languages can turn out to be a barrier. While communicating with them, you need to talk about quality standards and other technical details. We help you in building a relationship with Chinese suppliers based on friendship and mutual trust. We know that price negotiation does not happen over a single phone call. That is why we apply the best trick to persuade the suppliers to reduce the price. Moreover, we help you in closing the deal via email.

Safeguard your interests

Our dedicated China procurement agents can visit factories to check the production process. It helps us in eliminating the raw material issues without any problem. There is no risk of dealing with unnecessary shipments. Our agents will let you make agreements with reliable manufacturers. You will never feel disappointed with the product quality.  Our chosen manufacturers will ensure the best delivery schedules and lead times. Your overseas delivery will not be an issue. Our purchasing agents will establish open communication between you and the Chinese supplier. As a result, you can avoid delays in delivering the products.


Check the green credentials

Check the green credentials

The modern purchase trends always favor eco-friendly products. You know that environmental advocacy and social issues will influence consumer attitudes. We help you with the sustainable sourcing of products. We can look for Chinese manufacturers who have a history of sustainable business practices. Our team knows that eco-friendliness is the major purchase driver of products. Partner with us and leverage value from our supplier network. You can locate suppliers and manufacturers providing you with sustainable products.

Import and export consultation

We are a team of highly trained purchasing agents to arrange your shipments from China. We will enable you to import thoroughly inspected China-sourced goods. Our knowledge about shipping logistics removes any potential complications. You can ship your merchandise by rail, air, and sea.

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We work for different industries as purchasing agents in China

Buy from China

You can import footwear from different Chinese manufacturers in Guangdong. You will find high-quality footwear at the most reasonable price. You may also buy parts and raw materials as a shoe manufacturer, like suede, Pantone colors, insole, outsole, anti-slip parts, and lining materials.

China is the most common destination for fashion product and apparel manufacturers. You may buy pieces of clothes from the big marketplace in China. Import t-shirt and several other types of garments from Chinese factories.  We have a big network of apparel manufacturers to help you in making the best deal.

There is no seasonality of the jewelry market in China. Several international merchants choose China to import jewelry. There are both manufacturers and wholesale stores selling jewelry made of gold and silver. The best fact is that you can find the lowest MOQ while purchasing jewelry.

Purses, shoulder bags, and other bag models are a part of fashion statements. To import bags for your business, you can choose Chinese vendors. In fact, Guangzhou has become an undisputed leader in the handbags manufacturing industry. Connect to our team to find the best handbags manufacturers.

You can place an order for parts of sunglasses, eyewear, and other glass-made items. Our purchasing agents will help you in choosing highly compliant products. You may also buy eyeglass frame materials designed with acetate, PP, stainless steel, and alloy.

China has a large market of Phone cases, and you can buy ones with fancy designs. The hybrid case, plastic phone case, rubber phone cases, metal case, fabric case, and several other designs are available for you. Durable and quality cases are compatible with different phone models. You may also buy the materials to design custom cases.

How have we differentiated ourselves as purchasing agents in China?

We have highly powerful negotiation skills, and we can go beyond your anticipations. We encourage several manufacturers to place bids for your bulk orders. You need to clarify the order details, and then we will manage the rest for you.

As you like to import goods from China, we will be the representative of your business. We are intelligent to make your supply chains more efficient. You can take advantage of our big supplier networks and databases. Our responsibilities also include product inspections, sample collection, and shipment consolidation. You will save time and cost.

However, do not think that hiring a purchasing agent will reduce your profit margin. Our commission rates range from 5 to 10% based on your chosen services. There is no hidden charge and no black commission. We maintain a transparent business.

Connect to our team and find the best purchasing agents in China.

Avoid mistakes by hiring our purchasing agents

As you are from a different country, you may find several challenges while buying goods from Chinese manufacturers. We help you in avoiding different mistakes in importing Chinese goods

Avoid Mistakes

Whom should you hire? Purchasing agents versus buying agents

Our clients often interchange the terms- buying agents and purchasing agents. Both these professionals are dedicated to buying products at the most reasonable price rates for different companies. When you need to buy OEM parts and raw materials to manufacture products, our purchasing agents will help you. On the contrary, buying agents are engaged in the activities of procuring clothes, furniture, and finished goods. From supplier research to quality checks, everything is manageable to these agents. You can hire our agents to find the available suppliers who sell quality products at an affordable rate. Moreover, we provide you with a list of suppliers and their written documents about the estimates. We also focus on every detail of your contract when you have finalized the price.

How do you get benefit from hiring our purchasing agents in China?

Several entrepreneurs and merchants who like to import products from China hire purchasing agents. At ssourcing.com, we have a team of purchasing agents with the best skills to serve merchants importing different types of products.

Evaluate suppliers and find the best one

We have a big network of suppliers in China, and that’s why it is easy for us to evaluate their services to find the best one. We also review their product qualities and negotiate your deal with them. Our team never overlooks the delivery speed and price rates while evaluating suppliers. We interview different vendors and visit distribution centers to learn about products. Moreover, our purchasing agents regularly attend tradeshows and conferences to know about the latest industry trends.

Send price proposals efficiently

Our China purchasing agents will analyze financial reports and price proposals. Moreover, we analyze other details to identify reasonable pricing rates. You will save time, as our team will negotiate and work out different agreements on your behalf. We take the right step while there are potential defects in products. With our effort, we ensure that the Chinese vendors and suppliers have complied with the terms and conditions of the contract.

Logistics management becomes easy

We have the best purchasing agents to arrange your logistics to import goods from China. You can choose the mode of transport to import products to your country. After proper packaging, when we start the transportation process, we deal with customs services.

Maintain proper records

Our professional agents review records of items purchased, costs, inventories, and the overall product performance.  We work hard to help you in making the most profitable deal. We gather details about the Chinese industry trends and enable you to make an informed decision.

What logistical challenges affect your international import process?

By hiring our purchase agents in China, you can overcome different logistical challenges.

How do our China purchasing agents work for you?

Our team of purchasing agents works systematically to make your import process successful.

We understand your needs

Before making a deal, our team will have a consultation with you to understand your needs. We need to know about your product quality needs.

Send different quotes from reliable manufacturers

We have a robust network of vendors and manufacturers in different industries in China. Thus, we can easily ensure timely sourcing and good value for your money. Based on our needs, we get quotes from reputed manufacturers.

Review product samples

For better transparency, we can send product samples to our clients. When they have approved the samples, we make the final decision. Thus, you will get a chance of reviewing the samples, check the workmanship, and give feedback. Moreover, after your approval, we make sure that manufacturers will design the product based on your needs. We focus on quality during their mass production process.

Deliver the products

We help you with door-to-door delivery and proper management of paperwork and customs. After the successful pickup, our team will update you with the timelines.

When you hire ssourcing.com, we ensure-

  • Quality products without defects
  • Reliable customer care from our bilingual staff
  • Detail-oriented service
  • No compromise on the quality
  • Flawless delivery of multiple categories of products
  • Positive relationships with manufacturers

Are there Minimum Order Requirements to work with your purchasing agents?

Yes. We will set the MOQ based on your product value. The MOQ maybe $200 to 5000. However, in terms of the number of items, there may be a variation with factory requirements/supplier abilities. For instance, when you buy TV screens, you need to place an order for at least 200 pieces. Consult with our purchasing agents to learn about the MOQ.

Which companies and eCommerce owners should hire a purchasing agent?

Our purchasing agents are best for those who

Our China purchasing agents have worked with several retailers and wholesalers. Our agents have cooperated with them, as they need several products and raw materials from the Chinese market. We have helped them in saving time and cost.

Several international merchants who like to import goods from China do not have any concept about the process. However, we have learned the best procurement strategy to help them. Thus, when you know nothing about importing goods from Chinese manufacturers, you can rely on us to avoid risks.

You may not be able to come to China and make a deal with manufacturers. Still, you do not like to compromise the quality of the imported items. To accomplish your goal, our agents will provide you with the best help. Moreover, you do not need to be concerned about the product inspection process in China. Our trusted agents will review the details about the vendor and his products.

We have highly skilled purchasing agents-

  • We are licensed to manage your shipment.
  • We have documentation to prove our procurement and product shipping process.
  • We can work effectively in the Chinese market.
  • Our team never accepts sub-standard quality products.
  • We have learned the way of sourcing different items. As buyers are from different niches, we have agents with diverse knowledge.