Quality Inspection

Why choose us

Factory audits

Ssourcing helps you in sourcing new suppliers in China. We also enable you to audit some factories to maintain your budget and quality output. We check the manufacturing capabilities during the production process. It makes sure that you will get products based on your anticipations.

Pre-production inspection

We are the best supplier inspection specialists in China. We dispatch our team to audit manufacturing facilities before manufacturers start their production process. We like to make sure that our chosen manufacturers will be able to accomplish the production on time.

During production inspection

When manufacturers have started the production process, we send our professionals to factories. They will check potential non-conformance problems in the production process. Low-quality machines and different in-house procedures will affect the output. We will resolve the issue without any delay.

Pre-shipment inspection

Your Chinese shipment will undergo a thorough inspection before it reaches your destination. We try to find defects and complications in the final production stages. There may be packaging problems, which will affect your goods’ quality during transit. We prevent the bad parts and accessories from reaching the shipping docks.

We inspect different products

Bags inspection in China

We have technical engineers and inspectors to check the bags’ quality standards. You can import the best quality bags and increase your profit margin. We can check purses, backpacks, travel bags, laptop bags, and several other bag models.

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Footwear inspection in China

Footwear inspection in China

Impact, puncture, and compression are some common foot injuries. We ensure that shoes manufactured in the Chinese factory will not cause safety risks. Our team also checks that these shoes do not cause any foot problems.

Clothing inspection in China

We set different parameters to check the clothing quality maintained by manufacturers. We check dimensions, fabric quality, and design issues in garments. We can do the stretch test, fatigue test, and pull test of clothing.

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To avail of our product inspection services, you need to send your query via email. We like to know about your-

  • Product details
  • Product quantities
  • Supplier information


Some clients do not have the concept of inspections. They think that they need several inspection samples to get higher quality product inspection samples. We know about the standard specifications and help you in deciding on the sampling quantity based on the number of products needed.

You are not sure of the products that you like to inspect. We have a highly skilled team to help you in this respect. After the confirmation of the sample size, we check your inspection requirements. Moreover, we understand the type and nature of the products before suggesting inspections. We also set the quality parameters based on your product category.

Decide on the location and time

We take a day for the inspection process. We have inspectors in different parts of China. Thus, when you have confirmed the location and time, we assign them to work for you.

Start the inspection process

Start the inspection process

Our quality inspection team will test your products and snap their photos as future proof. During the product inspection process, when we find any problem, we will mark it and capture its photo. We also engage manufacturers in the process, as we need to create an inspection report. Our team always maintains fairness to give you the accurate report.

Prepare a report on product inspection

As the inspection process is now over, we will start preparing the comprehensive report about the inspected items. You will have a clear understanding of our inspection process. Check every detail of the product and make your decision. We do not delay in sending the report, as we need to make shipping arrangements on your request. 

Making Report

Is inspection a must for every type of product?

Yes. You must not overlook the product inspection process, as it ensures that the chosen products have fulfilled your requirements. Moreover, our quality control team thinks that product inspection is vital. We protect your big investment and prevent quality problems.

What is pre-production inspection?

Pre-production inspection is the major step after identifying and evaluating the factory in China. It helps in detecting risks in product quality before the factory starts the manufacturing process. In fact, it is a part of the quality assurance and risk assessment process. Our pre-production inspection enables us to check the vendor’s capabilities to begin the production process on time. The vendor has to understand your needs about the product and quality.

At Ssourcing.com, we have quality control inspectors who visit the production site of vendors. They carefully inspect the factory, components, and raw materials. The pre-production inspection process provides information about the condition and availability of materials. We will learn how manufacturers are preparing for production. Moreover, we like to ensure how our inspectors will deal with the product inspection process in the future. We take 48 hours to arrange everything for pre-production inspection. Then, you will receive the inspection certificate and report.

Why should I give importance to the pre-production inspection process?

Our pre-production inspection services are available at a reasonable rate. Thus, you can hire our inspectors and get the best value from the professional solution from Ssourcing.com.

What do you check in the pre-production inspection process?

We focus on the material condition, material status, factory facilities, and production readiness. We may also check the prototype of the product.

Is First Article Inspection essential to import products from China?

Imagine you have chosen a Chinese factory to design an automotive part. Dimensions are important to make these parts. Manufacturers may have designed the majority of the parts. However, during the final inspection, manufacturers find a defect in some parts. In this case, the defective parts have to be remade. You will feel disappointed due to the inefficiency. That is why it is important to catch issues earlier. It is known as the First Article Inspection.

During FAI, our inspectors will inspect mass-produced pieces and make sure that all measurements and properties are maintained. We check your purchase order and start the inspection process.

After this verification, manufacturers resume the production process. However, FAI is needed for some particular industries and product types.

A detailed FAI enables us to ensure that the settings, materials, and equipment are in the best condition. Then, we ask manufacturers to continue production and accomplish the process to fulfill the purchase order. Factories can control waste due to this process and avoid costly reworks.

Although factories have the QC personnel, you can hire our third-party inspectors to do it. We also check the quality management system deployed by the factory.

Should I have a during-production inspection?

We think that during-production inspection is important when

We have certified and trained inspectors to analyze and inspect products and find potential results. We start the inspection process when manufacturers have already accomplished 50% of the manufacturing process. Our responsibility is to find a discrepancy in the production steps and solve it without any delay.

We also provide you with a report of our inspection process. The report will inform you about the manufacturing process in detail. We ensure that the vendors and manufacturers have not made any deviation. Our product inspection team will constantly send you updates about the production process.

What is pre-shipment inspection?

For a better supply chain management, you need pre-shipment inspection. Also known as the Final Random Inspection, PSI takes place while the production process is almost over. When more than 80% of products have been manufactured for transportation, we engage our inspectors in the pre-shipment inspection process.

Our dedicated inspectors will visit the factory in China for physical analysis of products. We randomly select samples of products with our special sampling method. Our professionals will tailor the inspection process to identify what is significant for you. We also create our inspection checklists that simplify the process of classifying defects. We follow international standards for on-site tests.

The major goals of our pre-shipment inspection are to-

  • Detect the product’s quality and quantity.
  • Find the potential defects and irregularities of products.
  • Ensure that the products have met the requirements and safety standards.

During the pre-shipment inspection, we also check-

  • Workmanship
  • Quantity
  • Labelling and packaging
  • Weight and dimensions
  • On-site tests, like color fasten test, smell test, adhesive test, internal check, and resistance test.

How does product inspection differ from quality control?

Quality Control is the process conducted at the time of manufacturing any product. It ensures that manufacturers have maintained the product quality. Briefly, we can say that QC is a way to let products fulfil the pre-set standards.

For a successful quality control, we need to check products at different manufacturing stages. It will prevent potential problems and defects during the manufacturing process. Professionals can ask manufacturers to correct them instantly and provide flawless products. Manufacturers may choose any way to start the Quality Control process based on the production challenges and the type of products. Validation testing, product sampling, and lab tests are some ways in which quality can be controlled. 

From manufacturers’ perspectives, Quality Control is highly advantageous. It consistently promotes quality products, results in customer satisfaction, and increases loyalty. Manufacturers have internal inspectors to control product quality.

As you are an importer, you will not be able to access those processes. That is why you may engage our third-party inspectors for unbiased reporting about product quality.

Our inspectors will help you in the product inspection process. We will thoroughly verify products and check their accuracy. We carry out this product inspection at the manufacturing unit where goods are manufactured.

However, we can do inspection at any manufacturing stage. We focus mostly on product design, quality, and functionality. Products must stick to the safety standards while staying compliant with import rules and regulations.

To import quality products from China, you must pay attention to the product inspection process. You will get better value for your money.

Product inspections solve quality problems

It is another myth about product inspection services. We have responsibility to identify the problem in your shipment and not to solve them. We inform you and the factory about the defects. Our professionals will not directly engage in the process of resolving the issue.

By hiring inspectors, you can ship defect-free products

Although products have passed inspections, it never indicates that every piece will be free from defects. Container conditions and environmental issues can damage products at any time. For instance, wooden products have a risk of damage during transit. The moisture content in the container may affect wooden products, as molds can grow on them.

Now, we have removed your misconceptions about product inspections. You can make your decision on hiring inspectors.

You may have placed a large purchase order. In this case, it is good to test sample product units randomly.  For a small-sized order, you may choose to inspect the full lot. Our reliable product inspectors analyze 10 to 20% of your order. It will be a large sample size to disclose any potential issue.

Yes, we can deal with both these processes at the premise of the manufacture. We will analyze the golden sample provided by suppliers before starting the mass production process. You may also ask us to test some sample units while manufacturers have begun the production. However, some vendors do not have reliable laboratories for product testing. You will not get the accurate results from uncertified labs. Vendors have employed internal staff for testing purposes.

Golden sample refers to the final product sample approved by you before the beginning of mass production. You will learn how the manufacturer has understood your needs, standards, and anticipations. The sample shows the compliance of the product with standards. You will learn about the manufacturers’ capabilities of maintaining the best standards. The best manufacturers must not try to reduce the production cost.

What are some common myths about product inspections?

We conduct product inspections with Acceptance Quality Limit standards.  We choose a production batch to find the worst tolerable product quality. The inspection based on AQL provides you with some details. You can make a decision on acceptance and rejection of the shipment based on these details.

We consider a product defective when-

  • It is not safe for users due to the faults.
  • The manual has unclear instructions.
  • There are defects in manufacturing and assembling the products,

We categorize product defects in different ways- Critical, minor, and major.

Although our quality inspections remove defective products, there is a risk of a few defective products getting shipped. Moreover, there may be some other problems related to your order. Our company does not have any control over it.

Products might have passed the inspection process. Still, there are few defective items, and in most cases, they are overlooked, as they do not damage your brand image. But, product inspections do not play a role in increasing the product quality. Buyers will set the quality standards of the product.

The best product should serve the buyers’ needs. When products have some integrated issues, buyers should not blame inspectors. Our inspectors have the task of ensuring that manufacturers have designed products based on your given information. 

It is another myth about product inspection services. We have responsibility to identify the problem in your shipment and not to solve them. We inform you and the factory about the defects. Our professionals will not directly engage in the process of resolving the issue.

Although products have passed inspections, it never indicates that every piece will be free from defects. Container conditions and environmental issues can damage products at any time. For instance, wooden products have a risk of damage during transit. The moisture content in the container may affect wooden products, as molds can grow on them.

Now, we have removed your misconceptions about product inspections. You can make your decision on hiring inspectors.

Based on the nature of your products, our checklist includes different elements, like

  • Workmanship
  • Components
  • Materials
  • Colors
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Labels and logos
  • Tags and stickers
  • Finishing
  • Packaging

There may be functional and visual defects while conducting the product inspection process. We try to trace these defects in every sample.

When we find a critical defect, we mark the order as the failed one. We can classify a product as defective when it does not serve the purpose of consumers. However, products with critical defects are most harmful to users. For instance, a defective coffee mug is one whose handle get damaged at a particular temperature. On the contrary, products with minor defects are not much risky.