Shipping from China

Need to ship products from China to your country? Without professional help, shipping may be a hassle. We assist lots of merchants in importing and shipping merchandise from China to their countries. We make the painstaking process easier with our knowledge, skills, and efficiency.

Ocean freight

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Sea freight refers to the best way of transporting merchandise through the sea. As you have engaged in international trade, sea-freight will be the most cost-effective solution for you. From food consignments to electronics, everything can be shipped with sea freight. You do not need to invest a high amount in shipping a bulk pack of goods.

Air freight

Although air cargo services are costlier, you will get reliable and fastest transport solutions. When you have a tight deadline and a high budget, you may choose air freight. We ensure convenient shipping from China with our air freight services. Your merchandise will reach your destination safely.

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Truck freight

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As it is international trade, you may need to combine other freights with truck freights. For instance, you can use freight trucks to move your shipment from the port to the warehouse. Thus, to accomplish the inland shipping process, you can take advantage of the truck freight.

Rail freight

While shipping from China, rail freight is the perfect solution for importers in India, Russia, and European countries. Rail freight transport is more affordable and faster than other road transport solutions. Moreover, you can choose it as the best eco-friendly solution for the import process.

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Different Chinese products for which we can arrange shipping-

Bags shipping

Buy the cheapest bags from Chinese manufacturers and sell them at a higher price in your country. With our door-to-door and factory-to-port shipping, we can transport bags. Our freight forwarders will choose the right shipping routes to move products to your destination.

Apparel shipping

Several merchants buy fabrics and ready-made apparel from China. You can import yoga clothing, pajamas, loungewear, and other types of garments. We will choose the best vendors to help you in making the best deals.

Jewelry shipping

The Chinese market is one of the best destinations to buy ornaments of different materials, like plastics, wood, and metals. Designed under professional supervision, these jewelries are available at the cheapest rate. Hire our team of freight forwards to import precious jewelry safely.

Watches shipping

Several retailers and eCommerce store owners like to import watches from China. However, some manufacturers import watch parts from this country. From leather straps to watch cases, everything is available in the market.

Give some tips to make the China shipping process easier

What protective packaging will you choose for my products?

We know the importance of packaging, as your products will have a long journey to reach your country from china. Our team always chooses protective packaging for your products. Some major categories of protective packaging include-

  • Packaging foam- It is the largest category and covers a number of products. With packaging foam, you can protect your products from accidents. Packaging foam is of different types like crates of eggs and rolls of foam. We can choose foam to package any product separately.
  • Packaging paper- The specially designed paper is more robust and denser than ordinary paper for writing purposes. It is similar to kraft paper and butcher paper. The packaging paper may also have some type of adhesive.
  • Padded dividers- They refer to interconnected padded boxes for proper arrangement of the shipped items. The padded coating is best for securing smaller objects. There are 3-dimensional separate compartments.
  • Bubble bags- Bubble wraps are air-filled bags best for packaging products in a roll shape. Some bubble bags are folder-shaped and make the transportation process safer. The best fact is that bubble bags offer dual protection to your goods.

How does utility packaging differ from a branded packaging?

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These are two major packaging options available for your shipments from China. You find a difference in cost based on the choice of the right option.

Utility-oriented packaging is intended for serving a particular purpose- To ship your cargo. There is nothing fancy related to it. For instance, it may be a brown cardboard container and plain envelope.

Another option for you is the branded packaging. It may have a sleek and attractive design to impress customers. While unpacking the goods, users will feel the value and quality of the products. Thus, this packaging will increase your brand value.

Packaging and branding have some association with each other. Custom packaging enables you to build a brand, and it will be easier for your customers to identify products. Moreover, while designing your product packages, we focus on your target customers. You will get benefits from distinctive packaging.

Which are the risky products that cannot be shipped from China?

We will not provide service for shipping dangerous goods, like:

Which are the major protective factors in your protective packaging?

Our protective packaging will save your products from different damages. These common protection factors are:

  • Thermal insulation– It helps in controlling the flow of heat from one site to another.
  • Electrical insulation– It is useful for creating an isolator and barrier between electrical components.
  • Fireproofing– Fireproof packaging prevents any risk of ignition and keeps your products safe.
  • Moisture barrier– The packaging materials need to block the moisture permeation. Moisture can prevent different types of products.
  • Weather-resistant– We can choose special packaging materials, which are resistant to UV rays, heat, and rainwater.
  • Shock dampening– The best packaging prevents the impact of vibration and shock on your products.

How much does it cost to shipping products from China?

The first-time importers are highly concerned about the freight costs for shipping merchandise from Chine. We need to calculate the overall cost based on different factors. You need to pay not only the shipping charge but also the fees for

  • Factory to port goods transportation
  • Cargo insurance
  • Custom bonds
  • Port charges
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What information do you need to give the estimate for shipping from China?

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Our freight forwarders need some important information for the quote-

  • Total weight of your products
  • Total cargo volume
  • Port of loading
  • Insurance 
  • Port of destination
  • Delivery and Supplier incoterm

After receiving these details, we will calculate the final freight cost.

Recently, the cost of sea freight has increased. What is the reason behind it?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a higher demand for Chinese products. Thus, it has resulted in a shortage of shipping capacity. It is one of the reasons for a hike in price rates. Moreover, the lack of availability of containers is another reason behind the higher sea freight.

Is it more affordable to arrange shipping via the vendor?

In most cases, manufacturers have an agreement with different local freight forwards. When you have requested them to transport your shipment, they will contact their chosen freight forwarders. Thus, there is no chance of saving a high amount while shipping your products via vendors. It is safe to book your shipment via a reliable platform, like

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Do Chinese vendors offer any free shipping?

There is nothing free in the true sense. The product price includes the shipping cost. Moreover, you have to pay for different services while transporting your cargo from China to your country.

How much time do you need to ship cargo from China?

The distance from China to the destination is one of the major factors to calculate the duration. However, it generally takes 3 to 5 days for your air freight. But, sea freight takes a month to reach the destination. We cannot guarantee the transit time, as several factors can affect it.

Which are the peak seasons and off-seasons for shipping from China?

There are some challenges with international freight shipping. Months from August to October are the peak seasons for shipping. Moreover, during January-February, shippers in China remain busy transporting the merchandise.

To avoid delays, you can try to import products from China during the off-seasons. But, during the peak seasons, when you need an urgent shipment, you can try out some tips to control costs.

For instance, you must inform your shipping partners about the urgency of different shipments. It enables our freight forwards to secure a space for shipment. We may also split the shipment to transport the required quantity without any delay.

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Define Bill of Lading.

It is a type of transport document needed for sea freight. When your cargo reaches its destination, this document is essential for the final release.

Do I need to know the volumetric weight for my air freight?

The charge for your shipment is based on the volume and weight of your air cargo. Freight forwarders know the formula of calculating it

Should there be a minimum cargo weight for air freight?

The weight of air cargo should be at least 45 Kg. But, we think that it is better to avoid air cargo when its weight is less than 100 kg. You will not find competitive pricing. In this case, the more cost-effective cargo will be UPS, EMS, DHL, and FedEx.

What are LCL and FCL?

Full container load and less container load are two terms relevant to the shipping world. During your international trade, you have to choose between these two options.


FCL refers to optimized container shipping. You have to pick up an empty freight container and load it at the shipper’s site. You can transport your goods by rail and truck to the port of loading. Then, you can move your cargo to the port of arrival and the final destination.

Less than Container Load can be the right choice for your smaller shipments. In this case, a single container can hold items of different importers and manufacturers. You can choose this type of shipment for air freight to make the process cheaper.

The most important customs controls are-


  • Air customs- We need to deal with air customs at international airports where the human transit is very high. There are customs to check the goods that arrive at the airport.


  • Land customs- You can find it while your merchandise crosses borders between two countries. The documentation for land customs must match the goods transported.


  • Maritime customs- These customs are needed when a bulk amount of goods move between countries. In this case, the weight and size of your goods are very high. Maritime customs verify the goods with documentation.


We can categorize custom controls based on their functions. For instance, border customs do not issue and receive goods. They can control the cargo in transit. When the goods are for national consumption, you need to deal with customs at the entry port.

Delay in international goods transport is unpredictable. There may be different reasons behind the delay in shipping your products from China. For instance, during customs clearance, your shipment will be delayed due to incorrect documentation at the customs. Moreover, adverse weather conditions can prevent your shipment from leaving the seaport on time. Furthermore, some ports have congestion problems due to the presence of several containers. It is a very common issue on the Chinese New Year.

These two types of cargos are different for several reasons. When you like to ship your goods with a courier service, it will be a postal package. You may choose it for small shipments. On the contrary, while hiring a reliable freight forwarding company for international transportation, you need to go through some steps. Our professionals will help you in importing your air cargo.

Bulk cargo is something that is shipped loose without any container. You need to transport the bulk cargo via cargo vessels. These goods include sand, liquids, gravel, and other similar items.

Almost any industry needs to ship these free-flowing goods. In most cases, the constructor sector chooses bulk cargo shipping services to move rocks and chunks of land. Similarly, the mining industry ships iron ore, metal pieces, charcoal, and other materials. The farming units also import livestock feed without any container. 

However, it is not easy to manage bulk cargo shipments, as they cannot be properly packaged. Costly machinery may be needed to load your merchandise into a vessel.

When you need storage services for your imported products, you need a custom warehouse. There is no issue of paying for import duties and taxes. However, to take advantage of customs warehouses, you will need authorization.

The storage period must not be more than 12 months. The warehouse will release the goods after your payment of duties. But, when you cannot release the cargo within this period, the warehouse will resell your goods.

When you think of transporting bulky goods, you can ask our professionals to choose rail freight. It will ensure faster delivery of your shipments. However, you need to consult with our team to find the available rail freight options. We like to know your shipping preferences and take the right steps.

Natural calamities are unavoidable, and no one can predict them. Thus, you have to be prepared for delays, at least for a few days. Our team tries to ship your products on time.